• Sharp Smoked Cheese

Sharp Smoked Cheese

We are specialized in Gourmet Smoked Cheese.
business is locally based and we use home grown spices and hot peppers. Our  smoked cheese is made in our own smokehouse.

Our cheeses are based on Cooper, Cheddar, White American or spiced cheeses, they come in 8oz square, rectangular or 6oz for round packs and are lightly smoked to create an even and more distinctive look and flavor using apple and cherry wood.
We make 27 unique smoked cheese flavors ,they may be served alone or combined with crackers and spread along with your favorite wine or beer.
- Our
smoked cheese has being our signature product for years and are treated with lots of care, our smoked cheese are considered gourmet food made with high quality cheeses and are delicious

- We are shipping only in the Continental United States.
Orders will be shipped out  on Mo -Tue -Wed due to safety concerns (we don't want product to stay for days or over the weekend in post office buildings) and the outside temperature must be below 80 degrees .

We are selling a perishable item that will be shipped wrapped in cheese cloth, plastic bag and will be packed with ice-packs or in additional thermal insulator material for safe arrival. Product will hold very well due to the natural ability of smoked product to sustain freshness. When the product leaves our facility it is guaranteed to be fresh and up to code. However, it is your decision to consume or not to consume food presenting signs of degradation. We will not be held responsible for the consumption of cheese that has been spoiled. If shipping takes a lot longer than expected and product may presents sings of degradation you may not consume it, you are taking your own risk. By purchasing an item you are agreeing to all our terms, this includes packaging, shipping, timing and consumption.

Sharp Smoked Cheese

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